8 funny things cats like to play with easily enrichment plans.


Exercising your cat daily can help keep it fit and healthy. Cats, especially indoor cats that won’t be able to go around outside, should have 20-30 minutes of activity every day.

Cat owners can tell that even if they spend a small fortune on cat toys, there is no assurance that the cats will play with them or even notice that they are there. Cats may find hours of entertainment with the most ordinary household objects.

Listed here are eight items that many cats find entertaining, however, keep in mind that no two cats are alike and that one cat may have little interest in an item that another cat finds fascinating.


1. Balls

Cats love bouncy balls, board game balls, and table tennis balls as toys. They are cheap and simple to throw, so it doesn’t matter if the cat smashes them or they wind up behind the TV cabinet. You should make sure the ball isn’t too little, though, because it might easily go down your cat’s throat and become lodged there.

Not only do dogs like the game of fetch, but with the right amount of positive reinforcement and reward-based training, you may be able to teach your cat to play as well.


2. Strings

Even something as commonplace as a strand of yarn or twine might be a feline paradise when it comes to playtime. To catch your cat’s attention, carefully pull the line away from it. You can get away with a faster tug on a more reactive cat.

If you wish to play the game without risking unpleasant injury to your fingers while retrieving the original piece of string, having a spare piece on hand is a good idea. Although your cat may like playing with the string, it’s not a good idea to keep it out alone since it might choke on the string or wool.


3. Boxes

If your cat is a lover of cardboard boxes, you may have experienced the disappointment of purchasing a high-priced cat toy only to have your pet prefer playing with the box it came in. If you give your cat a box, it may decide to sleep in it, or it may treat it like the most thrilling toy it’s ever had. If you’re having trouble enticing your cat to jump in and investigate, try sprinkling some catnip inside.


4. Feathers

Feathers are fluffy and resemble real birds down. You may either fling the feather into the air and let it float to the ground, or you can tug it around if you’re sure you can avoid the cat’s claws in time.

Some cats may try to catch the feather in midair, while others will wait until it is quite near to the floor before pouncing on it. Some people will simply abandon the game. A feather tied to the end of a string allows you to draw it further and quicker without risking injury to your fingertips.


5. Bags

Many felines find paper bags irresistible. Your cat may even try to crawl into the bag the goods arrived in, making it harder to unload the items. Cats should not be allowed to play in plastic carrier bags, but they should be allowed to play in paper or fabric bags.

If your cat like the sound of crushed paper, a paper bag will be a great source of entertainment for it. Try luring your cat into the bag with a toy and a hard floor by placing the bag on the floor.


6. Wrinkled and Crumpled Paper

Crumpled paper is another favorite, and the fact that many commercial cat toys include a crumpled piece attests to the fact that cats find the texture and sounds appealing. If you think your cat could be kind to prefer sitting on or in a rectangle, you can test this theory by crumpling up a piece of paper and throwing it about for your cat to pursue, but only after you’ve left the paper intact on a table.


7. Lights

The question of whether or not laser cat toys should be considered cruel has been discussed. Yet, most felines enjoy a good game of “chasing the red dot” around the room. Yet, there are pet psychologists who argue that this is a certain way to ensure that your animal companion will always be left in the dark. Keep playtime brief and feed your cat when it successfully catches the laser if you’re afraid.

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Instead of using a laser pointer, you may project the image from your watch or smartphone screen directly into the ground. It achieves the same result, however directing the beam requires more effort. Never direct any light source or light-based toy directly into your cat’s eyes.


8. Items on the screen

Cats have more options for entertainment on mobile device displays than merely chasing their reflection. Now more than ever, you may download an app that simulates the swimming behavior of fish or some other thing. Get your cat to play one by downloading it and chasing the fish around the screen.

You should reward your cat with a treat whenever it catches something; otherwise, it may become bored and frustrated and stop trying.



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