Have you ever seen a 28-pound cat?


The big size and thick double coat of the Maine Coon cat make it a popular pet all around the world, especially in colder climates. They are devoted to their owners and like following them around. These cats are renowned for their kindness and big personalities. Cats of the Maine Coon breed are good companions since they can pick up on their owners’ emotions.

Cats are naturally inquisitive animals that can win anyone’s affection with only a few meows. Due to their amiability, they are quickly accepted by society. It’s no secret that Maine Coon cats are powerful and agile. They have a high IQ and can be taught new feats quickly. Cat-friendly humans and canine companions are welcomed by these amiable felines. However, Maine Coon cats are challenging to care for due to their big size and demand for frequent grooming.




Samson, a 28-pound Maine Coon, was born and raised in the Big Apple. He towers over regular housecats and even bobcats in the wild. Samson’s human master is named Jonathan Zurbel. This fluffy little cuddly has won the title of “The Largest Cat in New York City” and measures in at a respectable 4 feet in length. One other option is that he is the world’s biggest feline.




In the end, it all comes down to a simple equation: if you can outsmart the competition by a margin of 4.04 feet, then you should be considered the winner. He’s cute as a button yet strong as nails. Because of his kind demeanor, Samson fits the description of a “gentle giant” well. Samson is neither obese nor chubby like some other Maine Coon cats. Instead, he is a robust and powerful feline.



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This doting little guy sits patiently outside the bedroom door in the mornings. Then he enters the room and settles on the tummy of his human master. According to the author, who goes under the name “Jonathan,” “He is very kind and sweet, and he knows it.” He’s the cat of my dreams. The general public is completely smitten with this brown-and-white sphere of fluff. Don’t forget to check out his cute pictures; you’ll be in love with him the moment you lay eyes on him.

ALL PHOTO CREDITS: KING SAMSON’S CATSTRA-DYNASTY (@catstradamus) • Instagram photos


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