The Red-Bellied Woodpecker


One of the greatest gifts we can give and receive is the experience of unconditional love. Everyone, from animals to humans to trees, is capable of experiencing love. When it comes to people, though, we discover that even close relatives can’t get along without fighting. We don’t need an excuse to point fingers, and we’re notorious for harboring resentment for long periods of time. Therefore, the connections we have with animals are so much more valuable and beautiful than those we have with our greatest friends because of the high stakes involved if we make a mistake and our best friend ends up being furious at us for a long time.

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Jocelyn Anderson felt he had gained a lifelong friend when he befriended a red-bellied woodpecker. Red-bellied woodpeckers, like other birds, have a kind and endearing nature. The beauty of woodpeckers is that they all have a common behavior: the habit of storing nuts and other meals in tree cavities. So, even if you don’t put any food in a certain tree, it’s possible that others in your group have.

Credit: Jocelyn Anderson

The dense woodlands of the Eastern United States are a frequent habitat for these birds. They’re hard to find, but if you’re an avid birder with a penchant for exploration, you can plan a trip to view them.

Credit: Jocelyn Anderson

Another distinguishing feature of these woodpeckers is their tongue, which may protrude up to 2 inches. Anderson posted a video of one of these cute little creatures coming to eat from his palm. The bond between a red-bellied woodpecker and a person is extremely rare, making this film both special and significant.

Credit: Jocelyn Anderson

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