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An unimaginable loving bond


One of nature’s most breathtaking sights is seeing infant animals of various species build friendships with one another. The inclusion of a baby monkey and ducklings elevates this tale to an adorable level. Everyone falls in love with this adorable newborn monkey and his five ducking relatives. They were caught on camera enjoying some alone time together, and it is the sweetest thing you will see all day.

This breathtaking eight-minute film was shot a few months ago, yet it has already amassed over 45 million views. These adorable little ones will win your heart over in no time.

Images credits: Animals Home / Youtube

This little monkey treats a brood of five ducklings like his own. They have an extremely close relationship with one another. No one knows how the infant monkey and the ducklings came to be friends, but their relationship is sweet anyway.

Images credits: Animals Home / Youtube

The ducklings treat the monkey as if he were their mother and seem to enjoy being around him. But the monkey is preoccupied with finding new tiny people to embrace. They run and play chase with one another. The monsters grow fatigued and ravenously hungry after a long game. After that, they all share a meal.

Images credits: Animals Home / Youtube
Images credits: Animals Home / Youtube

The infant monkey is given a bottle of milk, while the ducklings are fed cooked rice. You’d think they’d need a siesta after that big dinner, but instead, they go right back into their games. The little monkey and ducklings are seen snuggling and kissing one another. The infant monkey in the video appears to be a kind and helpful role model.

Images credits: Animals Home / Youtube

Like a kind parent, he reaches out to pet the ducklings. The young ducks are constantly by the monkey’s side, except when he is in the treetops. When he discovers the ducklings at the base of the tree, things become more tricky. The infant monkey can’t understand why his little companions aren’t coming along for the ride. They’re so adorable, right? We wish that their love will endure a lifetime.

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