Kittens who were helpless in a box get help


TinyKittens, a rescue group headquartered in British Columbia, has taken in a litter of kittens in need. After hearing their cries for help in the heavy rain, a Good Samaritan discovered them hiding in a cardboard box next to the garbage can.

Workers immediately began making their way toward the kitties. When the animal rights activists arrived, the kittens, who were only a few weeks old at the time, meowed and pleaded with them to pay them some attention.

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TinyKittens creator Shelley Roche took them in and gave them a home in her living room. In recognition of Stan the cat’s amazing survival, the fluffy clusters were given flower names such as Snowdrop, Snapdragon, Azalea, Sage, and Dahlia. -Lily

Credit: Tiny kittens

The kittens were well-nourished, social, and in good physical condition. It appears that they have interacted with humans in the past. TinyKittens expresses gratitude that the kittens made it to safety and nourishment before it was too late.

After being checked and fed, the kittens went asleep as a group, making a little purring mound.

Credit: Tiny kittens

The woolen family always stuck close together and encouraged one another.

In order to provide the love and care the flower babies so needed, local cat Grandpa Mason (who had been saved as a feral and had now become the most loving grandfather for defenseless orphaned kittens) came to see them.

Credit: Tiny kittens

The senior cat quickly became a dedicated student. He wriggled into their bed and proceeded to lick each young person, freely sharing his affection with them all.

When Grandfather meticulously cleaned and combed them, the kittens let out loud purrs and kneaded their paws.

Credit: Tiny kittens

Mason’s top protégé and fellow TinyKIttens cat rescue, Aura, joined the group hug.

Initially unimpressed by the kittens, she changed her mind after seeing how Mason treats the kids.

Credit: Tiny kittens

The kittens are so comfortable in their grandfather’s presence that they begin searching for a milk bar on the cat’s tummy, which is reminiscent of their mother.

While Grandfather has no idea how to make milk for the kittens, he doesn’t mind the kids trying and he purrs right along with them.

Credit: Tiny kittens

Kittens benefit greatly from it, and they develop into healthy, adoptable little people in no time.

The infants were saved from an unknown fate three weeks ago. The kittens’ development has accelerated dramatically.

Gramps is bursting with pride.


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