Look No Further than the Black Maine Coon Cat as Your Pet

Look No Further than the Black Maine Coon Cat as Your Pet


You’re in good cat lover if you’ve come across a Black Maine Coon cat. With their lion-like manes, large feet, piercing eyes, and striking size, majestic Maine Coons are fascinating creatures. The gentle giants come in all of the colors we see in other felines, with tabby shades being the most common, but black is the most captivating and least seen of all. What exactly are black Maine Coon cats?

Where Did Black Maine Coons Originate?

Black Maine Coon cats have a long history. In fact, the entire lineage of Maine Coon cats contains some fascinating information.

There are several theories as to how Maine Coons arrived in America and evolved into the large, loving felines that they are today. The most credible story has them as the pets of a Captain Coons, who docked in Maine in the 1700s. His Norwegian Forest cats mated with the local short-haired feline population, resulting in the Maine Coon.

Look No Further than the Black Maine Coon Cat as Your Pet
Image credit: AVRORACOON, Shutterstock

Maine Coons have drawn a lot of attention throughout their lives. They first appeared in the United States in northern rural communities, where they were equally happy as indoor or outdoor cats. Cosey, a brown Maine Coon, was the first official winner of a cat show, held in Madison Square Garden in 1895.

Let’s start with a general overview of Maine Coon cats. The Maine Coon cat is a North American native and one of the oldest breeds still in existence today. As you might expect, the Maine Coon cat is unique to the state of Maine. It is the official state cat of the state of North Carolina.

It appears to be related to the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Siberian domestic cat, but the exact origins of the cat breed are unknown. During the late 1800s, the Maine Coon cat was a popular breed. Cosey, a female Maine Coon cat, won the first North American Cat Show in New York in 1895.

Following the introduction of other long-haired breeds, including the popular Persian cats, the breed began to decline after 1911. It wasn’t until the 1970s that Maine Coon cats made a comeback, propelling them to the third most popular cat breed today. Congratulations, Maine Coons!

Can Maine Coon Cats Be Completely Black?

Look No Further than the Black Maine Coon Cat as Your Pet

Maine Coon cats can have all black coats. This is one of the rarest fur colors for this breed, and it has a lot to do with the dominant black color gene. To be entirely black, a Maine Coon’s parents must also be purebred Maine Coons.

Many colors and patterns appear on a feline, as with American shorthairs and other breeds, with solids such as black, grey, red, and white on the list. Maine Coon colors include solid black and variations on solid black, and range in the same range as those of more common felines.

Black Maine Coon Cat Varieties

There are a few different types of Black Maine Coon cats to look out for. I’ve included photos of the various coat color combinations you might see below.

Main Coon in Solid Black

Look No Further than the Black Maine Coon Cat as Your Pet

This species has a coal-black coat, and every hair is black from the root to the tip. These cats will have inherited the dominant black color gene as well as a recessive “non-agouti” gene, which means they will not have the tabby pattern or diluted fur.

Maine Coon Smoke Black

Look No Further than the Black Maine Coon Cat as Your Pet

The dark smoke At least one parent cat in a Maine Coon cat will carry the smoke gene. When these cats are stationary, they appear black, but when they move, they appear silvery because you can see more of their white undercoats.

How Do Breeders Get All-Black Maine Coons?

Male cats inherit color genes from their mothers, whereas females inherit color genes from both parents. The pattern of the kitty can be inherited from either their mother or father. A solid-colored cat must have one of its parents who is also that color.

Look No Further than the Black Maine Coon Cat as Your Pet

As a result, two solid black parents are the best bet for breeders looking to produce a litter of black Maine Coons. This can be difficult to find, but it is not impossible, and more and more breeders are able to do so if demand calls for it. If only one black Maine Coon is available for breeding, the female should be chosen.

They are most likely to produce male Maine Coons that are black. However, this poses a challenge for breeders. Because male black Maine Coons are more likely to be born from litters, there are more males and fewer females available! This genetic paradox may explain why it is so difficult to find a true black Maine Coon.

Characteristics of the Face

The distinct eyes of a Maine Coon cat are one of the first things we notice. They have almond-shaped eyes that are wide set. The eyes are either amber or green, but they can also appear copper, orange, gold, yellow, or green amber.

A black Maine Coon kitten with blue eyes may surprise you. This is a temporary characteristic of young kittens. As they grow, their eyes will frequently change color to the amber/green spectrum. Black Maine Coons with white fur may develop blue eyes, but this is a rare occurrence!

Look No Further than the Black Maine Coon Cat as Your Pet
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Black Maine Coon cats have mostly black features other than their coats. Their whiskers, noses, and paw pads are all black. They don’t have brows, but they do have long, black vibrissae hairs above their eyes.

Black Maine Coons, as you might expect, have black ears and tufts. The lynx-like fur that pokes out the top of the Maine Coon breed’s ears is one of its most distinguishing features. Many cat lovers adore this wild and desirable trait.

Size of Maine Coon Cat

Look No Further than the Black Maine Coon Cat as Your Pet

One of the most noticeable characteristics of the Maine Coon is its size. They are one of the largest breeds of domestic cats, and some can appear enormous. For this reason (and others discussed below), they have been dubbed “the gentle giant” and described as “dog-like.”

The Maine Coon family has a wide range of sizes, despite the fact that they are all quite large. Males weigh 13-18 pounds, while females weigh 8-12 pounds (3.5-5.5 kilograms) (6-8 kilograms).

Maine Coons range in height from 10 to 16 inches (25 to 40 centimeters), and they can grow to be nearly 3 feet long (including the tail). Their tails are distinctive in that they are long, tapering, and furry, similar to raccoon tails (hence the name). Their tails can grow to be 14 inches (40 cm) long.

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To give you an idea of how magnificent this breed can be, Stewie, a purebred male Maine Coon, was named the world’s longest cat in 2010, measuring 48.5 inches (123 centimeters) from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.

The longest cat alive today is another Maine Coon named Barivel, who stands at 47.2 inches (120cm). When Barviel stands on his back feet, his front paws can almost reach a short human’s shoulders! That is one large house cat!

Price Margins of Maine Coon Cat

Look No Further than the Black Maine Coon Cat as Your Pet

The price of the Maine Coon cat breed is the final consideration for us. The main distinction to keep in mind here is the distinction between pure-breds and other variations. A purebred black Maine Coon cat will cost more because they are less common than some other color variations. A black Maine Coon cat will typically cost between $500 and $2000.

One may end up in a shelter, but breeders frequently encourage owners to return them if they can’t handle it any longer, so it’s less likely.

Are Black Maine Coons Good Pets?

Look No Further than the Black Maine Coon Cat as Your Pet
Image credit: Veda Wildfire, Shutterstock

Look no further than the black Maine Coon if you want a delightful pet! Though they may appear mysterious due to their black, lustrous fur and piercing eyes, black Maine Coons, like the other colors of their breed, make excellent pets. They’ve even been dubbed “the dogs of catdom!”

Because Black Maine Coons are highly intelligent, they are easy to train and can pick up on signals from their humans. This is one of the main reasons they make excellent family pets. Your gentle giant is unlikely to be bothered by the addition of a new family member or by children who want to play with them. They will most likely enjoy the attention!

Black Maine Coons are also extremely devoted to their owners, and will likely follow you around the house, begging for pets and cuddles. While this isn’t always practical, it’s a sign that your cat adores you. If you need them to entertain themselves for a while, give a black Maine Coon a puzzle or a catnip toy, and they will have a great time with it.

Surprisingly, while a Maine Coon sheds, their fine hairs do not make a bigger mess than regular cats. They are also not destructive, and while they may be wary of strangers at first, they eventually warm up to them. Maine Coons are also very laid back, allowing them to travel and adjust to new environments.

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