10 Surprising Animal Stories That Will Touch Your Heart


10.Venus, the Two-Faced and Odd-Eyed Tortie

10 Surprising Animal Stories That Will Touch Your Heart

9.A Retrieval Dog Saves 27 People from Drowning.

Swansea Jack was a cut above the rest of the retrievers in terms of swimming ability. During the 1930s, Jack, a black retriever, lived with his owner near the River Tawe in Wales. This tenacious pup earned the title “hero” after rescuing a drowning boy in the river and pulling him to shore by the scruff of his neck.

One heroic feat is more than most dogs achieve in their lifetimes, but for Jack, this was only the beginning. This fearless swimmer saved at least 27 people from the dangerous river over the course of a decade! Jack’s efforts were recognized with a silver collar from the local council, a Silver Cup from the mayor of London, and two bronze medals from the National Canine Defense League.

Jack is commemorated with a statue at St. Helen’s Rugby Ground, and he was named “Dog of the Century” by the Newfound Friends of Bristol in 2000.

 8.A lost dog travels 60 miles to her Old Home.

10 Surprising Animal Stories That Will Touch Your Heart

Some bonds cannot be severed. Cleo, a yellow labrador-mix who went missing earlier this month, was certainly one of them. Cleo was found, thankfully, but in the most unlikely of places—her owner’s previous residence.

When Colton Michael discovered a strange dog on his porch, he assumed it belonged to a neighbor. Michael took Cleo to have her microchip scanned after gaining her trust. The results were astounding—Cleo belonged to the previous owner of his house! Cleo was still attached to her old house after two years.

Contrary to popular belief, you can return home.

We live in a world where good news is frequently overshadowed by bad. Nonetheless, we at Animal Pond do our best to ensure that kind and heroic acts are not overlooked. Every day, thousands of people work to make the world a better place, and our goal is to introduce you to some of them.

Courage and self-sacrifice, on the other hand, are inherent not only in humans but also in our smaller, four-legged and furry friends. That’s why we’ve decided to honor some of the animal heroes out there with seven short but remarkable stories about some of their heartwarming acts. We believe that these brave and noble animals can teach us all a thing or two.

 7.Dasher, a Loyal Friend and Guardian

10 Surprising Animal Stories That Will Touch Your Heart

Dasher, a wonderful German Shepherd, lives in Mildura, Australia. Dasher earned the title of hero as a seven-month-old puppy. During a storm, the dog spent more than 14 hours in a forest protecting his owners’ child.

Dasher was the only one who noticed when two-year-old Dante Berry walked out of the family. The child ran around aimlessly, but luckily, his faithful companion followed close behind him. They eventually got lost in the forest about 1.8 miles (3 kilometers) from home. It took a long time for Dante’s parents to realize their child had gone missing. They called the cops and began searching for Dante everywhere, but a terrible storm struck that night. It slowed traffic on the roads, and the search was postponed until the weather improved.

Dante and Dasher were discovered in the forest the next morning, 15 hours after the child had gone missing. The fortunate child was free of any blemishes. Dasher shielded Dante from predators and helped him weather the storm.

This photograph was taken at the moment when mother and child reunited. The woman stated that she was not surprised by the dog’s behavior because he had always been their steadfast protector.


10 Surprising Animal Stories That Will Touch Your Heart

Todd Endris, a professional surfer, narrowly avoided drowning thanks to the assistance of some dolphins. Todd was attacked by a great white shark nearly 16.4 ft (5 m) long in August 2007, while conquering the waves.

Todd almost gave up fighting after several attempts to flee the vicious predator, but then a group of dolphins came to his aid. They surrounded the injured surfer in a protective ring, keeping the shark at bay. Todd was accompanied to the shore by this amazing team of unexpected rescuers, allowing him to receive first aid.

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5.Cher Ami, a Carrier Pigeon

10 Surprising Animal Stories That Will Touch Your Heart

Cher Ami was one of 600 pigeons used by the US Army Signal Corps to exchange vital information during World War II. Cher Ami flew dozens of combat missions in a single year, delivering 12 critical messages.

Cher Ami’s most recent journey was in October 1918, during the Meuse-Argonne offensive. The bird was hurt in the chest, blinded in one eye, and lost one leg, but it still made it to its destination and delivered its message. It aided in the rescue of nearly 200 soldiers from a battalion that had been cut off from its allies. Cher Ami was named one of the top ten most heroic animals in the world by TIME Magazine in 2011.

 4.Saint Bernard Barry

10 Surprising Animal Stories That Will Touch Your Heart

Did you know that in the 1800s, monks bred Saint Bernards specifically to rescue travelers stranded in the snowy Swiss Alps? Barry, a special dog, took his job very seriously, saving 40 people in his lifetime.

Barry’s legacy was preserved even after his death by Swiss monks who keep one dog named Barry in their monastery at all times.

3.Geo is a truly Heroic Dog.

10 Surprising Animal Stories That Will Touch Your Heart

Geo is a charming half-breed of German Shepherd and Collie who saved the life of Charlie Riley, his ten-year-old owner.

Charlie was playing with his pet on the street when a truck rushed onto the pavement at high speed, racing straight at him. The dog pushed Charlie aside and took the brunt of the impact from the approaching truck. Geo was thrown onto to the road, and the truck, attempting to flee the scene, ran over the poor animal once more.

The brave dog miraculously survived, but he suffered several internal injuries, as well as broken legs and spine. Geo was saved from death thanks to prompt veterinary care, but he had to go through extensive treatment and rehabilitation. The dog is now completely healthy. He enjoys life with his family, who are eternally grateful to him for saving their son.

2.The Cat-Nurse

10 Surprising Animal Stories That Will Touch Your Heart

Rademenes is the name of the black cat in the photo. He arrived at a Polish animal shelter in 2014 with a severe upper respiratory tract disease that caused him excruciating pain. His owners had brought him in to be euthanized, but the doctors thought to save him.

To everyone’s surprise, the cheerful cat recovered quickly. Furthermore, after overcoming the disease, the cat began to care for other animals at the rehabilitation center, earning the nickname “nurse.” Rademenes hugs the other fluffy patients, warming them up as they rest and recover, and licks their ears on occasion.

The cat-nurse is now nearly a full-time employee of the shelter. It is said that animals under Rademenes’ care recover much faster. Isn’t it amazing what can be accomplished by extending a little kindness?

 1.Romeo, the Amiable Wolf

10 Surprising Animal Stories That Will Touch Your Heart

Nick Jans is a photographer and author who has spent many years observing wildlife and is well-versed in nature’s ways. When a lone black wolf appeared near his porch in Juneau, Alaska, one winter evening and his dog went out to meet it, he had no idea what would happen next. The two animals did not attack each other, but instead began to play.

The wolf quickly became a regular and was given the name Romeo. Other locals began to bring their own dogs to play with the wolf as well. Romeo eventually began to interact with humans, playing fetch, accompanying skiers, or simply lying down in the sun with them.

This unprecedented relationship lasted six years and served as the inspiration for Nick Jans’ novel A Wolf Called Romeo. Romeo, sadly, died too soon: he was shot by poachers from another state. But his memory lives on in the town. There’s even a special plaque dedicated to the friendly wolf.

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