My kitty has met a baby deer in front of the house.


Seeing animals of different species interact is fascinating in and of itself, but when one of those animals is a cat, the experience becomes much more entertaining. See this cute video of a kitten and a baby deer interacting for the first time. We couldn’t stop watching the video since the cat’s reaction is so funny.

Credit: WeLoveCats

When a young cat named Miro discovered a deer hanging out at her front door, she was shocked and excited beyond her control. Yet, the newborn deer ignored Miro like he wasn’t there. Because of this, the cat made a plan to lure the deer closer to him. It was very sweet and endearing.

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Credit: WeLoveCats

Miro was smitten with the deer and showered it with affectionate kisses. We think she’ll do everything to get others to pay attention to her. Nevertheless, the fawn was less than 48 hours old, and it was unable to move or respond to Miro because of its immaturity and natural protection mechanisms.

Credit: WeLoveCats

It’s a common misconception that mothers never come back for their fawns, yet this little deer was reunited with his mom shortly after this video was shot.

Credit: WeLoveCats


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