The pet dog who never left his owner alone


After her death last week at the age of 95, María Isabel Benites Chamba was laid to rest in Ecuador. While many of Chamba’s loved ones were present to pay their respects, one mourner insisted on going the extra mile.

The guilty party was Chamba’s dog, Bumer. He stayed at her side till the very end.

At Chamba’s wake, which was coordinated by Funeraria Santa Rosa, Bumer remained close by, just as he did when she was alive.

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There was clear loyalty and affection between her and her dog, a funeral home representative told The Dodo. He never left his master’s side.

Once the funeral service was over, a procession was organized to take Chamba’s body to the cemetery. Bumer insisted on coming along, of course.


An employee of the funeral home claimed, “He circled the hearse before climbing aboard as if to say, “I want to go and say goodbye to my mom.” “That’s some serious loyalty right there.”

Bumer may have been down, but his devotion to Chamba was clear.


Bumer’s devotion to Chamba endures even after his death. Time, with any luck, will begin to repair his shattered heart, and he won’t have to go through it alone.

The funeral home reports that the sweet puppy was last seen in the company of Chamba’s relatives, who were all grieving together at the loss of their beloved patriarch.


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