After finding a comfortable place, this dog decides to spend some time on a tree.


Arlo’s family rescued him when he was around a year old, that was three years ago. He’s a joyful young man with the boundless energy of a puppy. Hiking is his favorite outdoor activity, but he also likes visiting new places with his family and seeing breathtaking scenery.

This adventurous youngster has a wide range of interests, including swimming, long excursions, and breathtaking scenery. His loved ones find amusement in his intrepid spirit, even if it leads him into problems or causes him to make some baffling decisions occasionally.

Bryce LaDuc, Arlo’s mom, shared the following with The Dodo:

This interesting kid spent his first year of existence with his legs tethered to a doghouse, and he’s currently making up for lost puppy time.

Credit: LADUCB

Bryce is confident that Arlo is an intelligent, energetic, and joyful fuzzy. The adoptive mother of the adorable puppy is certain that her bond with her new pet will strengthen with time.

Credit: LADUCB

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The lady claims that

He is a free spirit who “dances to the beat of his drum.”

During one of their hikes in the woods, his family saw a tree that had been severely damaged. Arlo stared down the opening for some minutes before joining in on the action.

Credit: LADUCB

Bryce claims that

Credit: LADUCB

He wanted to see what we were seeing, so we didn’t even bother to warn him.

The mischievous dog stayed in the hole for many minutes as his owners snapped shots, so they assumed he was having fun in there.

Credit: LADUCB

A dog’s best friend is a tree.


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