From the window of another apartment, a woman spots her cat.


Ever since he was rescued, George has been the de facto mayor of the compound. Walking around and chatting with people is his favorite part of the day.

“He’s actually a great kitten and I’m still in amazement that he was abandoned,” George’s mom Jodi McCree told The Dodo. Many of the residents in my buildings know and like him. One of my previous elderly neighbors that he helped overcome her fear of cats because of him. She would join him in the garden whenever she saw him unwinding.

George frequently returns to his mother even though he enjoys spending time outdoors. She eventually recognized it had been some time since she’d seen George and set out to track him out. When she didn’t find him after searching the entire building, she became really concerned.

She explained how she went seeking for her cat in her pajamas while carrying a bag of cookies and called out to him. Others in the neighborhood gave me dirty looks because I appeared so disorganized.

McCree’s anxiety level rose as time passed and it became clear that George was nowhere to be located. She returned to the building for a second look and found George watching her from the window.

… at someone else’s house.

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After breaking into his neighbor’s apartment through an open door, George found himself presumably imprisoned inside. His mom was relieved to hear that he was OK, but she couldn’t help but laugh at the funny situation he’d gotten himself into.

“He appeared a little perplexed as to why I wasn’t allowing him outdoors, and instead was laughing at him,” McCree said.

McCree contacted the neighbor to let her know what was going on, even though she wasn’t home. George, however, was completely safe inside the flat, where he waited for nearly five hours before being released.

McCree claims he had easy access to both water and dog food. The local canines are cat-friendly, and the neighboring pooch is especially lovable.

George didn’t appear remorseful or scared when he was reunited with his mother; instead, he was excited to continue his outside adventure. George should exercise more caution in the future to prevent becoming imprisoned in other people’s apartments.


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