Elephant bathing

A rescued baby elephant’s first bath is the cutest thing ever.


Animals who are given a second chance learn a newfound respect for their benefactors, but they also often do new things; for example, a rescued young elephant was curious to experience his first bath, which he did by stepping into a tiny tub filled with water.

Chaba’s mother gave birth to him in a small concrete cage at an elephant riding resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The mother of the kid had to do tricks for visitors every day, like riding a bike or painting images, to make ends meet.

A rescued young elephant loves to play in the water.

PHOTO CREDIT: Elephant Nature Park | Facebook

Chaba appeared to be headed in the same direction, but luckily the Save Elephant Foundation team was able to intervene.

Ry Emmerson, the foundation’s project manager, told The Dodo,

After hearing about Chaba and BunMa’s dilemma, our crew headed to the camp to offer any assistance we could.

PHOTO CREDIT: Elephant Nature Park | Facebook

The juvenile elephant and its mother were discovered by rescuers in a cement enclosure with no nourishment. The mother was also restrained by a chain at her leg, and it was obvious that they both needed medical attention.

The founder of the charity took it upon himself to arrange the elephant family’s release, and in August, they were safely liberated.

PHOTO CREDIT: Elephant Nature Park | Facebook

It was decided that the elephants would be driven to the Elephant Nature Park (ENP) natural reserve. Nevertheless, BunMa refused to go on the transfer vehicle because she was terrified of being separated from her baby.

PHOTO CREDIT: Elephant Nature Park | Facebook

What Ry had to say was:

“We determined that they would be safest at our refuge. They walked for two hours to get to ENP, where they were met with an elephant cake.”

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Chaba ate some of the welcoming cake as the two animals settled into their new home for the first time.

PHOTO CREDIT: Elephant Nature Park | Facebook

Chaba’s response threw everyone for a loop since he seemed content as he approached the overflowing bathtub. The four-month-old elephant has discovered one of his new favorite things: playing in the water and making splashes.

PHOTO CREDIT: Elephant Nature Park | Facebook

Ry elaborated, “

Chaba was born to be in the water. He likes to splash around in the pool for a while before rushing back to Mum for reassurance. He may now take pleasure in splashing about in the pool with his mother as she consumes some delicious fruits.

PHOTO CREDIT: Elephant Nature Park | Facebook

On the other hand, Chaba makes no secret of his love for splashing around in his miniature pool.

Both animals are flourishing in the outdoors, meeting new friends, foraging for food, and experiencing new levels of play.

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