Kitten Hug Every Cat and Dog She Meets


Annie, a 3-week-old orange-tinged tabby kitten, was brought to a veterinary clinic in need of supportive care and a great deal of TLC. She was the only survivor of her litter and had an extraordinary drive to live.

Cindy Congdon, a feline foster carer living in Southeastern Idaho, told Love Meow: “My daughter (a vet tech at the clinic) kept Annie fed and warm under her desk and then brought her home for nightly care and feedings.”

Kitten Hug Every Cat and Dog She Meets
Annie the kitten and her foster siblingsCindy @foster_kittens

“Annie needed to be fed every three to four hours around the clock, so I took care of her while my daughter was at work so she could sleep.”

Annie slept in her plush, heated nest with a soft blanket and a snuggle toy for maximum comfort between feedings. She needed regular affection from her caretakers and purred loudly despite her diminutive size.

“She enjoyed interaction and playfulness with her human and canine companions. Jax, my daughter’s Golden Retriever, and Marie, my Great Pyrenees, adored protecting Annie, and she followed them about like a younger sibling “Cindy disclosed to Love Meow.

Kitten Hug Every Cat and Dog She Meets
Cindy @foster_kittens

Annie was roughly the size of a huge dog paw, yet her boldness was astounding as she attempted to wrestle the dogs’ faces, chase their tails, and pounce on them with all of her strength. After playing, she would cuddle up to a dog’s silky belly for a little cat nap.

The young firecracker’s uncontrolled energy and incessant mischief-making kept the two gentle giants on their toes. She insisted on play and cuddling and never lacked an ounce of attitude.

Kitten Hug Every Cat and Dog She Meets
Annie came to her foster home as a little lone kittenCindy @foster_kittens

During that time, Cindy was caring for another litter of kittens born to a semi-feral cat. Annie was a week younger than the five adorable, fluffy black-and-white kittens.

“A solitary kitten requires a great deal of playing and must acquire crucial social skills that are best acquired from other kittens. We introduced Annie to Stormy (the mother cat) and the Raindrops (the kittens) when she was old enough to be vaccinated.”

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Annie was ecstatic to meet other kittens her size, and she ran amok in the foster room, while the other five kittens were unfazed by her energy. The majority of the time, they observed her playing with their toys and running around the kitten room.

Through shared meals and frequent play dates, their overzealous new sister gained their favor. Annie’s default attitude is that everyone she encounters likes her, so she wasn’t shy around Stormy (the mother), and Stormy was happy to let her play with her kittens.

Kitten Hug Every Cat and Dog She Meets
She quickly found her feet and befriended the resident dogsCindy @foster_kittens

Annie delighted in having playmates with whom she could run and tumble. She learned limits and boundaries, and her instinctual desire to bite and scratch Cindy’s hands diminished.

Cindy explained, “Soon, she led the Raindrops out of their room and into my room across the hall, and I began discovering them huddled together in Annie’s carrier or basket.”

Kitten Hug Every Cat and Dog She Meets
She curled up against her canine buddy’s belly and fell asleepCindy @foster_kittens

“Now, Annie and the Raindrops cannot be separated. They chase one another, explore together, groom one another, and sleep in a ball together.” The adorable cat family will soon be available for adoption.

The once-solitary kitten has matured into a hyperactive young cat who grooms her foster siblings and watches out for them like a big sister.

“I hope that Annie is adopted alongside one of her companions. It’s a delight to watch how far she’s gone and how much she adores her new buddies.”

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