Most Memorizing Animal Photos Ever!


The Emperor Tamarin

Most Memorizing Animal Photos Ever!

The Emperor Tamarin is a New World monkey in the family Callitrichidae. It is about the size of a squirrel. People say that the monkey looks like German Emperor Wilhelm II, so that’s why it’s called that.

People say that the monkey looks like German Emperor Wilhelm II, so that’s why it’s called that. I think it’s because the Emperor Tamarin has an old-fashioned hipster mustache, which would make him look right at home riding around on a fixie bike and drinking artisan monkey beer in Williamsburg. 

This monkey doesn’t usually live in Brooklyn. Instead, it lives in the southwest Amazon Basin, in the east of Peru, in the north of Bolivia, and in the states of Acre and Amazona in the west of Brazil.

In this picture, the Emperor Tamarin is giving a look that says, “Today, I just finished season 2 of the Netflix show Ozark in one sitting.”

Three beavers taking it easy by the water

Most Memorizing Animal Photos Ever!

This would be a great photo for a 1980s band called 3 Beavers 3 to use on the cover of an album. What would the song on the album’s title track be called? Why, it would be called “I Don’t Give a Damn, I Build a Dam.”

You might know that beavers are known for building dams. But did you know that they are also the second-biggest rodent in the world? Beavers are rodents that belong to the same group as pocket gophers and kangaroo rats. Another claim to fame is that the beaver is one of M.I.T.’s school mascots. M.I.T. adopted the beaver as a school mascot in 1914.

In 1950, this dog had a “rough” day. Or maybe this dog really is the best…

Most Memorizing Animal Photos Ever!

There are two things going on…

Does this dog have a smaller dog on its head like a hat? Or is this small dog using this big dog as a place to sit? This picture shows a simple rule of comedy: a dog on top of another dog is always funny. All you really need to do to make something funny is add a few puns like:

-It’s been a rough day for this dog.


-There’s nothing wrong with sitting on top of another dog.


I wish that dog on my head would stop following me around.

Insert laughter here…

The Ardennes Draft Horse is thought to be one of the oldest breeds of draft horses. It is also thought to be a direct descendant of the Solutre Horse, which lived in prehistoric times. Wow!

Most Memorizing Animal Photos Ever!

This horse has some strange boots on. First, a draft horse is a horse that has traditionally been raised to be strong enough to pull a cart or do other hard work like plowing and general farm work.

The horses in the Budweiser ads come to mind. One of the oldest breeds of draft horses is the Ardennes Draft Horse, which comes from the Ardennes region in Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. In fact, the history of the Ardennes Draft Horse goes back to Ancient Rome.

That’s an awfully long horse family tree!

This type of horse has been used in wars for a long time, both as a mount for the cavalry and to pull heavy weapons.

You don’t think I’m old enough? People say that the Ardennes Draft Horse is a direct descendant of the Solutre Horse, which is no longer alive.

I’m home, honey…

Most Memorizing Animal Photos Ever!

Don’t you hate camping with people who are loud? This is what this grizzly bear must have been thinking, it would seem. Remember that rule about camping where you had to hang your food in a tree? So, what happens when the bear thinks you are food?

The bear walked into a tent out of the blue. I’m sure that when the camper saw him, he was so scared that he had to get a camera and take a picture of the beast. Bears can weigh up to 700 pounds and tear you to pieces with their huge claws, so it’s not much of a fight.

Pepper spray is the best way to get rid of a bear. If you want to scare a bear away, the worst thing you can do is try to feed it a marshmallow from your mouth.

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Alfred Hitchcock gave MGM Studios’ mascot, Leo the Lion, a cup of tea.

Most Memorizing Animal Photos Ever!

Alfred Hitchcock was a great at making suspenseful movies. The man who was in charge of movies like Psycho and The Birds knew how to scare people. Here is a picture of Hitchcock in 1957, giving MGM’s mascot, Leo the Lion, tea. About this time, he was making the classic movie Vertigo (which came out in 1958).

Leo the Lion is famous for roaring in the MGM logo, which is shown at the beginning of most movies. Leo was the seventh lion to be used in MGM movies and was the one that was used the most. Leo was born at the Dublin Zoo. His first name was “Slats.” Now that is something to roar about.

A young crocodile that has butterflies on its back.

Most Memorizing Animal Photos Ever!

Okay, so if you were a human, a crocodile would never let you rest on its head and face. But butterflies aren’t like that. As you can see, crocodiles don’t seem to mind that these Macrolepidoptera clade Rhopalocera winged insects are taking a break on their heads.

Usually, a crocodile’s job is to lock its strong jaws around people who aren’t part of its species. This usually leads to a slow, painful death. In this case, the croc might think that the butterflies make him (or her) look “pretty.”

Don’t try this at home, again (especially if your home is in the Everglades).

Baby ocelot looking straight at the camera. They have great night-vision eyesight and hearing, which they use to find their prey.

Most Memorizing Animal Photos Ever!

Okay, little ocelot, you’re giving me the creeps. Will you stop looking at me so much? You’re starting to remind me of Jack Nicholson in the movie “The Shining.” Does Ocelot become a very dull boy if he only works and never plays?

Ocelots live in the southwestern United States, Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

Salvador Dal had a pet ocelot named Babou that he took with him on many trips. He even took Babou with him on the SS France, a luxury ocean liner.

There are between 800,000 and 1.5 million ocelots in the world, but only 50 live in the U.S

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