Lovely friends who met in secret


Oranit Kittragul is Messy’s human. You may find them in Thailand. The Husky named Audi lives across the street from you, and he spends most of the day alone while his owner is at work. This leaves Audi feeling lonely and depressed.

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Messy also knows how to cheer up his pal Audi: he only has to bark at him.

Audi hurried over to see Messy when Audi’s owner left for work without locking the gate. Messy’s owner, Oranit, witnessed the sweet moment of the two greeting each other with an embrace and took a photo to post online.

photo credit: Oranit Kittragul

When the two best friends finally got to meet each other in person, it was like nothing they’d ever imagined. They were truly inseparable, with a friendship that might last a lifetime.

photo credit: Oranit Kittragul

Good guy that he was, Audi knew he couldn’t be absent from his yard for too long. After saying hello, he hurried back to his apartment.

photo credit: Oranit Kittragul

They’re the cutest, right? We wish them many more happy years of friendship together.

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