Pygmy Hedgehog Packs his Tiny Luggage for Camping

Pygmy Hedgehog Packs his Tiny Luggage for Camping


The Instagram-famous Japanese pygmy hedgehog named Azuki may or may not be familiar to you. We’ll introduce you if you don’t, please. An upbeat individual, Azuki is. He enjoys apples, massages, and hot baths, and until recently, he and his human led a comfortable indoor life.

Everything had changed, even his sister Uni’s (@uni desu) daily photo sessions, naps on cozy blankets, and time spent with her. Even his custom-built hedgehog nest-house and collection of miniature caps couldn’t satiate him. He yearns for more since something is missing. He packed his small luggage and went camping because he had the urge for adventure, and he has never been happier.

Photograph by @hedgehog_azuki on Instagram

Azuki had everything he needed to survive in nature, including a boat, a table and chair set, a BBQ, and his very own little tent. He had a camera with him, and fortunately for us, his human kept an Instagram photo journal to record his exploits. Lunch in the great outdoors seems better than normal, Azuki comments in one image of a picturesque woodland picnic. In a different passage, while relaxing in his camp chair and gazing up at the sky, he says, “The stars [were] quite lovely [at] night.”

Azuki has already arrived home in time for Halloween, where he has been busy getting ready for the celebrations after having his wanderlust sated. Instagram is a wonderful place to follow Azuki’s charming exploits.

Meet Azuki, the Japanese pygmy hedgehog.

Pygmy Hedgehog Packs His Tiny Bags and Camps Out in Adorable Photoshoot

He made himself a delicious picnic with his tiny barbecue.

Photograph by @hedgehog_azuki on Instagram

And he even went kayaking.

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