Major's Last Kiss : Mistreated Horse says Goodbye to Man who Earned his Heart

Major’s Last Kiss : Mistreated Horse says Goodbye to Man who Earned his Heart


“The horse. Here, we find aristocracy without arrogance, friendship without jealousy, and beauty without conceit. a willing worker—never a slave, though. Robert Duncan
Animals show us unwavering affection. They only understand the meanings of love and patience, not hatred. But the sad truth is that some individuals abuse animals because they can.

Animal maltreatment occurs daily. The percentage of animal maltreatment that is reported is very low. They mostly stay undiscovered. What are these animals capable of? They lack a voice to request assistance.

Major, sometimes known as Major Deal, didn’t have a joyful childhood. In actuality, he spent his entire life in a living misery until he met a man who would irrevocably alter his course.

Janna Grapperhaus shared her father’s moving tale on Facebook on October 20, 2020.

She thought back to the time her father had brought home a young, violent stallion that he had purchased. She claimed that Major had previously been owned by guys who only mistreated animals, according to his profile.

They even employed a method to break the helpless horse. He used to be ruthlessly beaten until he was unable to stand, at which point his head would be forcibly tied between two posts, preventing him from even lying down to rest.

There, the unfortunate horse would endure his owner’s beatings while spending the night standing still without access to food or water. For weeks, this would continue.

The unfortunate horse went through all kinds of anguish and suffering before his destiny changed one day, but he wasn’t the same kind of horse he had been before.

Major demonstrated how much he had changed when Janna’s father brought him home. Without thinking, he would charge through five strands of fencing and strike and possibly even bite anyone attempting to approach him.

Can we possibly blame him for his behavior?
The poor animal had experienced trauma. He was scared of people, and the only thing he could do to defend himself was to be violent.

His viciousness might cause some people to give up, but Janna’s father wouldn’t. He was a kind and devoted owner of his horse. He knew it would take a lot of work to gain his trust, but he wasn’t willing to lose up.

I’ll never forget the day my mother frantically called me and said, “Janna, you need to persuade your dad to get rid of that horse, it’s going to kill him.” Janna began her narrative.

Credit: Janna Grapperhaus

Father of Janna put in a lot of effort to gain Major’s trust, and it paid off.

Janna’s father spent countless hours with Major every day. He waited there patiently for the horse to realize that he wasn’t there to injure him but was instead there to be a friend.

His efforts paid off, and Major began to put his trust in him.

“Love triumphed, and after two complete years, Major agreed to let my dad ride him. Major would repeatedly kiss his father on the head as soon as he left the house. Only horse people could ever comprehend the bond they shared, Jenna wrote in her post.

It was the most lovely friendship ever!

For Janna’s father, Major had his heart open. He gave another person a chance to become close to him before finally demonstrating to the man how much love he has in his heart.

Major’s heart was broken when her father sadly went away. Janna believed it was appropriate for them to let this stunning horse say his final goodbyes to his dearest companion.

A picture of Major kissing his closest friend goodbye was attached to Janna’s post.

“Major’s last kiss is here.”

Major now realizes that his best friend has passed away after seeing a single heartbreaking photograph.

Summarize : Last kiss: I’ll never forget the day my mum yelled, “Janna, convince your dad to get rid of that horse, it’ll kill him!” When dad got Major, he was a young and nasty horse. He was “broke”.

His previous owners beat him and tied his head between two poles for 4 weeks without food or water to break him. Major was steadfast. When dad got him home, he barreled through five fences and bit everybody nearby. My dad never broke his heart…he earned it.

Dad spent hours every day earning the horse’s trust. Major finally let my dad ride him after two years. Major kissed his dad’s head when he left. Horse people understood their relationship. Major’s goodbye seemed fitting. Major kisses goodbye.

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