Dog spends hours lying on the grave of an old pal


This dog visits her friend’s grave and stays there for hours at a time as a show of love.

A lot of the time, Kaya and Gaspar were almost always together. Even after Gaspar died, Kaya didn’t want to break up with him. As a way to make herself feel better, she goes to the place where the dog was buried and stays there for hours.

One house had two dogs and one house had two dogs. For a long time, Gaspar lived with music producer Marcelo Rodriguez, a Paraguayan composer, and Kaya is always there for the musician’s mother. But their houses are next to each other.

This is how it went between Kaya and Gaspar:

It is a Harlequin Great Dane, and it has a white background with black spots. Gaspar has a black coat. These two big dogs are just like all the other dogs in their breed. They are full of love and kindness.

Dog spends hours lying on the grave of an old pal.

At the same time, both dogs were taken in. They’ve always lived together. Every day, they played together. When Marcelo had to go on a business trip, Gaspar was treated like a very important guest.

There was such a strong friendship between the two dogs that it continued even when Gaspar started to show the first signs of kidney failure. This is a disease more common in small breeds but can affect any dog.

The signs are very hard to see. The disease starts to show itself with a lack of appetite, weight loss, and tiredness. Only in more advanced stages do vomiting, dehydration, and more trouble urinating show up.

Gaspar lost the huge amount of energy that dogs have over time. Kaya, even though she kept her health up to date, kept going with her friend to do lighter and more delicate things that didn’t require a lot of physical effort.

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Finally, in January of 2022, Gaspar died of the disease. On Instagram, Marcelo said goodbye to his friend with a heartfelt picture and a heartfelt message.

At some point on Wednesday, you stayed in bed and listened to music in style, as you always did. You didn’t say a word, but you taught me a lot.

Thank you for all the times you were my friend. You had a unique life in this world, and you will always be with us, even though you’re gone. As someone who knows you to be willful and stubborn, I know that you will be right behind me. It’s been a long time since Gaspar has been alive. Thank you for everything.

Dog spends hours lying on the grave of an old pal.

Gaspar’s tutor paid a beautiful tribute to his long-time companion. However, another emotional memory will endure: Kaya’s reaction to the disappearance of his friend, with whom he had so much fun and learned so much.

The dog’s body was buried in Marcelo’s mother’s backyard, Gaspar’s tutor. Kaya did not accompany the operation because Marcelo and her mother assumed she would be unable to comprehend what was going on.

Kaya, on the other hand, seems to sense that something of her friend is present in that corner of the parking lot. Every day, when there is enough room for the dog, she goes to Gaspar’s grave and stays for hours, possibly trying to recognize the presence of her long-lost companion.

Kaya has been teaching a true lesson in solidarity and friendship for several days. She simply lies down on the damp earth, still showing signs of being turned over, and remains there, sad, perhaps paying her final tribute to her friend, who is undoubtedly resting in the dog’s heaven.

Marcelo also shared photos of the dog lying on the grave of an old friend. “This is Kaya, the friend who can’t seem to get away from the grave,” he wrote. Animals are superior beings that we never understand and frequently do not deserve to be with.”

Do dogs comprehend death?

Anyone who has ever lived with a dog understands how much they miss their friends – humans, canines, and even felines – when they suddenly vanish for whatever reason. They are saddened and search for their missing partner.

Some dogs cry, lose appetites, lose interest in favorite games, and may even become ill. But do they comprehend death, the annihilation of life? According to researcher Barbara J. King, the answer is yes.

King is an emeritus professor at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, one of the country’s oldest universities. According to the researcher, a dog understands when another dog dies, and evidence of this can be seen in behavioral changes.

The dog’s behavior is significantly altered by the lack of contact and interaction; for example, he may stop performing a task or game that he would enjoy performing in the company of his deceased friend.

Dogs exhibit obvious grief symptoms that are very similar to human symptoms: crying, sadness, isolation, loss of appetite, loss of interest in daily activities, increased sleep, stress, and anxiety.

All this shows the longing and indicates that the dog is trying to process the loss, even if it does not literally understand death as a natural and definitive process. It is also possible that the dog goes through periods of searching, in which he searches exhaustively for the lost friend. Tutors need to help the furry ones to overcome this stage, which, good or bad, is part of life.

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