Michigan officials are investigating a mysterious canine parvovirus-like disease after more than 30 canines died.


The majority of the dogs with parvo-like signs of vomiting or bloody stool died within three days, and the majority were under two years old, according to the Otsego County Animal Shelter.

Authorities are looking into a mysterious canine parvovirus-like sickness that has killed over 30 canines in Northern Michigan, with the majority of them dying within three days.

The animals perished in Otsego County after exhibiting canine parvovirus symptoms such as vomiting and bloody stool, according to the county’s animal shelter on social media. However, when the dogs were first tested for the virus, the results were negative.

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According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, canine parvovirus is extremely contagious and damages dogs’ gastrointestinal systems, with unvaccinated dogs and puppies younger than 4 months most at risk.

According to the Baker Institute for Animal Health, the disease originally appeared in dogs in Europe around 1976 but has since become less common due to the introduction of effective vaccines.

It can be passed from dog to dog or through contact with contaminated feces or surroundings.

A mystery illness is killing dogs in Michigan, officials say

The Otsego County Animal Shelter first announced the occurrences in early August, stating that they had received reports during the previous month.

Melissa FitzGerald, the head of the county’s animal shelter and control unit, told NBC News on Tuesday that more than 30 canines had symptoms and were all presumed to have died as a result of the sickness.

According to the animal shelter, the majority of the dogs in Michigan who displayed such signs died within three days, and the majority were under the age of two.

According to the shelter, it does not appear that the illness affects specific breeds more than others, and comparable occurrences have been reported in northern and central Michigan, including Vanderbilt, Gaylor, west of Gaylord, and south of Gaylord.

“No one knows what to say. FitzGerald said on the shelter’s Facebook page, “The best ‘guess’ is that this is a strain of parvo.”

Clare County officials have been contacted by NBC News for an updated count of dog deaths.

Several state and local agencies, including the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, animal control agencies, the Michigan Association of Animal Control Officers, veterinarians, and the United States Department of Agriculture, have launched an investigation in response to the disturbing reports.

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