Raccoons Break into Bank in California


Two masked bandits were apprehended and released on their own recognizance after staging a daring daylight break-in at a Redwood City Chase bank Tuesday morning. It’s possible that being raccoons had something to do with it.

The raccoons were captured on camera by a customer who noticed the robbery while withdrawing money outside the bank in Redwood City on Wednesday, according to ABC Eyewitness News.

The raccoons can be seen prowling the halls and sitting at a desk in photographs. In one image, one of the raccoons – who appears to be the leader – extends his paw, directing his companion to the next target within the bank.

Unfortunately for them, someone alerted the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

Are they breaking and entering?

Don’t be fooled by their cute and cuddly appearance; these raccoons know what they’re doing.

Raccoons Break into Bank in California
Luckily for the bank, the intruders didn’t make off with any cash (Photo: PHS/SPCA)

The two “masked” intruders were apprehended after breaking into a bank in California, USA, and causing havoc inside.

Fortunately for the bank, no money was stolen.

They’re not your typical client.

Quite. The bank was closed at the time, and the animals were discovered by a man outside using a cash machine.

Raccoons Break into Bank in California
The animals were first noticed by a man using a cash machine outside (Photo: PHS/SPCA)

He initially thought he was looking at a stuffed animal on top of a desk, but when it moved, he realized he was looking at a live raccoon.

He then filed a complaint with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

What were they up to?

The animals were captured on camera prowling the halls and sitting at a desk.

They also pushed papers around and knocked over a computer, according to the SPCA.

“Thankfully, the raccoons were not injured during their morning escapade, and to our knowledge, they did not abscond with any money,” the SPCA’s Buffy Martin Tarbox told ABC.

It had to have come as a surprise.

Definitely. “It’s not every day that an animal organization is called to deal with a bank break-in, but because the bank robbers were masked bandits of the wildlife variety, we were the appropriate responders,” Ms Tarbox explained.

Raccoons Break into Bank in California
The animals, which were caught on camera, can be seen prowling the halls and sitting at a desk.(PHS/SPCA)

“After about 10 minutes of chasing the raccoons around the bank, we were finally able to safely shoo them outside,” said the bank managers. They didn’t appear to want to leave the bank.”

But how did they gain access?

It has passed through the ceiling. Ms Tarbox explained, “There were muddy pawprints on a tree outside the bank.”

“We believe the raccoons climbed the tree to the bank’s roof, crawled into the air ducts, and then fell through the ceiling tiles onto the bank’s floor.” Several ceiling tiles were broken.”

Because the raccoons were not hurt in the incident, the rescue team let them go, empty-handed.

Every year, PHS/SPCA Animal Rescue and Control saves thousands of wild and domestic animals, but bank-burglarizing raccoons is a first.

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