People on the plane get bored, so Puppy entertained them


He was a golden retriever, and when he flew to Ibiza, his mother was worried that he would be bored because she wouldn’t be able to give him the attention he wanted. She didn’t know, however, that he would do the cutest things on a plane.

Photo: Facebook / Ursula Daphne Aitchison

Mother: “He was sitting next to me but he got angry when I didn’t pay enough attention to him,” Ursula Daphne Aitchison told The Dodo. Huxley’s mother: “He gets angry when I don’t give him enough attention.”

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He loves being the center of attention, says his mom. As you know, he will not be able to stay unnoticed for very long. She didn’t give him enough attention, so he looked for it elsewhere and sat next to another passenger instead.

Photo: Facebook / Ursula Daphne Aitchison

Huxley will soon be putting his cute face between the chairs and making the best faces to make his mother laugh. She posted the funny pictures on Facebook with the caption “Guys, I can’t breathe” and a lot of laughing emojis next to each one.

Photo: Facebook / Ursula Daphne Aitchison

Huxley must have had a good time sitting next to his new seatmate, because he talked to him for 30 minutes while his mother and other passengers took pictures of him in a funny way, which made him laugh.

Photo: Facebook / Ursula Daphne Aitchison

“He sat there for 30 minutes, and the man next to him said he was a great traveler, and the guy across the aisle was taking pictures with him.” “Huxley kept giving him his paw to hold on to.” When he was making everyone laugh, a man next to us asked me to take a picture of him so he could give it to his daughter.

Photo: Facebook / Ursula Daphne Aitchison

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