Inspirational Dog Stories That Will Melt Your Heart


A miniature Schnauzer pays a visit to its owner in the hospital.

True love can overcome any obstacle. Nobody demonstrated this better than Sissy, a devoted Schnauzer who couldn’t bear being separated from her ailing owner, Nancy Franck.

Sissy was not your typical Schnauzer. This spirited pup took canine devotion to the next level by fleeing her family home and traveling 20 miles to find her human.

Dale, Nancy’s husband, was taken aback when he received a call from a hospital security guard informing him that Sissy had been discovered on the hospital grounds.

Talk about dedication!

A lost dog travels 60 miles to her old home

Some bonds cannot be severed. Cleo, a yellow labrador-mix who went missing earlier this month, was certainly one of them. Cleo was found, thankfully, but in the most unlikely of places—her owner’s previous residence.

When Colton Michael discovered a strange dog on his porch, he assumed it belonged to a neighbor. Michael took Cleo to have her microchip scanned after gaining her trust.

The results were astounding—Cleo belonged to the previous owner of his house! Cleo was still attached to her old house after two years.

Contrary to popular belief, you can return home.

By detecting cancer, a dog saves his owner’s life.

Lauren Gauthier had no idea when she adopted Victoria, a one-eyed rescue dog, that this intuitive canine would one day save her life.

The owner was prompted to schedule a doctor’s appointment after Victoria’s persistent sniffing of a red blemish on Lauren’s nose.

When testing revealed that she had basal cell carcinoma, her suspicions were confirmed.

Lauren had surgery to remove the cancer, and she credits her beloved dog with raising the alarm.

A Great Dane assists a boy with cerebral palsy in walking again.

Dogs can be the most effective motivators. Hunter VanBrocklin, a young boy with cerebral palsy who underwent hip dysplasia surgery in 2016, attested to this.

Wendy, Hunter’s beloved Dane, stepped up to the plate when he needed to relearn how to walk.

Wendy, wearing a gentle leader harness around her neck, assisted Hunter in maintaining his balance, allowing the boy to enjoy active pursuits such as hiking!

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27 people are saved from drowning by a retriever.

Swansea Jack was a cut above the rest of the retrievers in terms of swimming ability. During the 1930s, Jack, a black retriever, lived with his owner near the River Tawe in Wales.

This tenacious pup earned the title “hero” after rescuing a drowning boy in the river and pulling him to shore by the scruff of his neck.

One heroic feat is more than most dogs achieve in their lifetimes, but for Jack, this was only the beginning.

This fearless swimmer saved at least 27 people from the dangerous river over the course of a decade! Jack’s efforts were recognized with a silver collar from the local council, a Silver Cup from the mayor of London, and two bronze medals from the National Canine Defense League.

A statue honoring Jack stands on the St. Helen’s Rugby Ground, and he was even named “Dog of the Century” by the Newfound Friends of Bristol in 2000.

Saint Bernard Barry

Did you know that in the 1800s, monks bred Saint Bernards specifically to rescue travelers stranded in the snowy Swiss Alps? Barry, a special dog, took his job very seriously, saving 40 people in his lifetime.

Barry’s legacy was preserved even after his death by Swiss monks who keep one dog named Barry in their monastery at all times.

Collie recovers from his World Cup absence

An unthinkable crime was committed just months before the 1966 FIFA World Cup tournament—the Cup had been stolen! The subsequent search for the missing trophy was ended when a Londoner named David Corbett was out walking his Collie, Pickles. Pickles walked over to investigate something in the bushes that piqued his interest.

In this case, the dog’s inquisitive nose paid off—he had discovered the missing Cup!

Pickle’s discovery propelled him to fame and fortune. A pet food company named him “Dog of the Year” and gave him a year’s supply of free dog food.

Pickles also attended a banquet in his honor and appeared in a number of films and television shows.

A golden retriever repels a poisonous snake.

In 2004, a brave Golden named Brutis put his own life in danger to save a young girl who was dangerously close to a deadly coral snake.

As the snake approached, Brutis grabbed it, suffering a nasty bite in the process. Fortunately, this fearless canine survived and was awarded the National Hero Dog award.

We wouldn’t be surprised if one of these selfless acts of canine heroism inspired you to head to your nearest animal shelter in search of your new best friend.

Perhaps you already have a brave pup at home. In any case, these eight dogs are in a class of their own, and we applaud their bravery wholeheartedly.Rea

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