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Orphaned Baby Kangaroo Wants To Hug His Teddy Bear :Heart Touching Moments


“Doodlebug named Baby Kangaroo weighed in at just 3 1/2 pounds when he was found on Grafton Road, New South Wales.

Hugs are the best way to show love and kindness. A comforting hug is not only for humans but all animals, especially orphaned, need it. This kangaroo joey does not differ.

Doodlebug, an orphaned baby kangaroo, lives in an Australian sanctuary in Northern Rivers. Recently, the internet went viral with a beautiful picture of a tiny cutie finding comfort in a Teddy Bear.

The image became very popular on the internet. According to Daily Mail Australia Tim Beshara was shocked that the heartwarming photo of the orphaned Kangaroo had become so popular. The photograph was expected to be well-known in Australia, but it quickly spread to Brazil as well as Russia. It was also featured on American morning television shows.

Beshara said that it was not clear if the mother of the child died in an automobile accident, was attacked by a dog or if he was abandoned.

The 15-month-old Kangaroo seems to have found a way to deal.

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Orphaned Baby Kangaroo

Doodlebug has a favorite stuffed animal: a Teddy Bear.

Beshara told the Daily Mail that “he might have fallen out his mother’s pouch, or his mother may be dead.” He was just a few months old when he was taken to WIRES, my mother’s wildlife group. It has been nursed back to health by her mother, who is now showing it hopping around in the woods and returning for the occasional cuddle or meal.

Tim’s mother decided that she would provide extra comfort for the orphaned animals by hanging teddy bears around the yard. It was a brilliant idea. Tim Beshara observed that the toys seem to be reacted to in a similar manner to toddlers. They treat it like a friend.

Kangaroos can be extremely emotional, especially when it comes to people who love them or have saved their lives. Abigail, a rescue kangaroo, cannot stop hugging those who saved her life.

Orphaned Baby Kangaroo

Adoption of the Orphaned Kangaroo

Gillian Abbot, an Australian animal rehabilitation specialist, saved this orphaned Kangaroo at just two months of age. She took care of the baby and gave it a teddy bear.

Doodlebug is now almost an adult and is ready to go on his next adventure. Doodlebug has been released into the wild.

The orphaned Kangaroo can now go where he wants. Experts in animal rescue refer to it as a “gentle returning” to the wild. The eastern grey kangaroo eats his food and then hugs his teddy upon his return home. The teddy bear is dangling at an easy height thanks to its thoughtfully tied knot.

Orphaned Baby Kangaroo

The teddy bear is loved by the orphaned kangaroo. The orphaned animal is now free to roam the country. The teddy has been a great help to the 15-month-old kangaroo.

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