Crows leaving gifts for the woman who feeding them

Crows leaving gifts for the woman who feeding them.


When you learn that your neighbors are noisy, it can be especially difficult to settle into your new house. In Tango Steinke’s instance, a crow family had established a nest outside her brand-new house in Virginia. But she didn’t think twice about going up to them and making friends with them in the best way she could.

It’s hard to become friends with these enigmatic birds. Steinke, fortunately, knew how to feed stray animals. She must have been providing food for the birds and squirrels that have been visiting her house. So, when she saw a pair of crows that she later named Doc and Dottie, she decided to follow them.

She created a little perch outside of her balcony where she would dispense food for the crows to consume, such as peanuts and other delicacies. Steinke’s efforts undoubtedly weren’t in vain. And the couple knew they could ask their neighbor for assistance when winter arrived and food sources started to run low. Steinke said that in addition to paying for her more frequent visits, Doc and Dottie had become closer to her.

Crows leaving gifts for the woman who feeding them.

During the first month of frequent visits, they raised their voices to announce their presence. On the weekends, they would crow at my bedroom window until I got out of bed to feed them.

The kind neighbor who has been generously feeding them, the Crow family, receives gifts from them.

Crows leaving gifts for the woman who feeding them.

The crow couple eventually decided it was appropriate to thank their considerate neighbor. They began exchanging thank-you gifts with Steinke to formally establish their unexpected but endearing friendship. Steinke has already shared some of the unexpected presents she’s gotten from her new friends on TikTok, including a weathered rock.

Since then, they have left a variety of presents, including a Coke tab, a button, acorns, metal pieces, a broken marble, and ceramic fragments.

It turns out that crows are notorious for bringing gifts to individuals who feed and care for them. Steinke claims that she receives gifts on average once each month, which she then stores in a “crow jar.” Visit Steinke’s TikTok profile to learn more about how she and the crows she hangs out with are getting closer to each other. 

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