5 Most Famous Horse Stories


Through time, history has blessed us with some incredible horses. They have influenced us in some way, whether on the racetrack, the battlefield, or our television screens.

The horse is a robust, intuitive, and clever animal that is flexible as a working animal and beneficial for emotional support.

They are loyal, autonomous, and one-of-a-kind creatures that serve a multitude of purposes. Each horse on this list was talented and will be remembered for an accomplishment.


Seabiscuit, the famed racehorse, may be the most well-known horse on this list. Because Seabiscuit overcame obstacles to become one of the greatest racehorses of all time, his story is remembered. Seabiscuit was smaller than most horses and initially was not a particularly good racehorse, losing his first 17 races.

5 Most Famous Horse Stories

Not until he was partnered with jockey Red Pollard did his racing fortunes begin to improve. Seabiscuit began to win race after race, and he quickly became a favorite in California.

Pollard was hurt, but Seabiscuit continued to win and defeated War Admiral in an incredible match race. Pollard was injured in a subsequent race. Both Seabiscuit and Pollard were thought to have sustained injuries that would prevent them from racing again, but they both healed and continued to defy the odds and win races together.

Today, many retired racehorses work as therapy horses for persons with PTSD, addiction, or autism; but, when Seabiscuit retired in California, he was bred.

Two of his 108 offspring were reasonably successful racehorses. He passed away six days shy of his fourteenth birthday.

Budweiser Clydesdales

The Budweiser Clydesdales are a group of Clydesdales owned by Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company, not a single horse or pair of horses. There are horse teams that travel throughout the United States as well as those who remain in St. Louis, Missouri, or Merrimack, New Hampshire.

5 Most Famous Horse Stories

The Budweiser Clydesdales are among the most prominent and identifiable modern horses due to their use in Budweiser advertisements, especially Super Bowl advertisements.

The Clydesdales were introduced for the first time on April 7, 1933, to commemorate the end of Prohibition, and their commercial potential was immediately recognized. To be eligible to pull one of the Budweiser hitches, a Clydesdale must be a gelding with an even temperament and a strong appearance, be at least four years old, stand at least 18 hands at the withers, weigh between 1,800 and 2,300 pounds, be bay in color, have four white stocking feet and a white blaze on the face.

These horses are a depiction of the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company, and they are rather attractive. Without them, their brand would likely not be as recognizable as it is now.

Bamboo Harvester

You may not remember the name Bamboo Harvester, but the name Mister Ed is likely familiar to you. From 1961 through 1966, Bamboo Harvester was a film horse who dazzling the television screen and made people laugh on the set of Mister Ed.

In 1949, he was born in California to an American Saddlebred father and a partially Arabian mother. The palomino-colored stallion lived until 1968.

Bamboo Harvester portrayed a talking horse and was trained to appear to speak by having nylon thread placed in his mouth.

Eventually, though, Bamboo Harvester was trained to twitch his lips whenever his trainer touched his hoof, and he eventually began doing so whenever his co-star finished speaking.

The makers of the show concocted the story that peanut butter was used to make Bamboo Harvester appear to speak in order to prevent children from discovering the truth, and everyone seemed to believe it. Bamboo was an intelligent and skilled horse responsible for making people across the nation laugh.

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Bucephalus may not be a common name, but his owner is certainly well-known. He was one of the most renowned horses in the Greco-Roman world and Alexander the Great’s mount.

His name means “ox head” and was derived from a branding mark on his haunch representing an ox’s head.


Bucephalus is described as having a dark coat, a white star on his forehead, and blue eyes. Alexander won the horse from his father through a wager that he could tame him.

Alexander spoke reassuringly to Bucephalus, turned him so horse couldn’t see his shadow, and removed his cloak in try to calm him and gain his confidence.

In countless wars, Bucephalus served as a military horse for Alexander the Great. Alexander created the city Bucephala in honor of his horse, Bucephala.

Bucephalus is reportedly buried in the contemporary city of Jalalpur Sharif. Bucephalus is one of the most well-known and esteemed horses of his day due to his bold and loyal attitude.

Clever Hans

On this list, we have got swift horses, attractive horses, skilled horses, and courageous horses; now we have Clever Hans, an intelligent horse.

Clever Hans was an Orlov Trotter horse who was employed as a spectacle because he was rumored to be capable of performing simple math calculations that required him to add, subtract, multiply, divide, work with fractions, tell time, read, spell, and comprehend German.

Clever Han’s handler never charged for his performance, but The New York Times reported on the horse’s ability in 1904. By tapping his hoof, clever Hans would respond to written or vocal math questions.

After a great deal of public curiosity in Clever Hans and his extraordinary intelligence, an investigation was launched to evaluate his skills.

After an official investigation, it was determined that Clever Hans was not performing these mathematical equations. Clever Hans was responding to involuntary cues and his trainer’s body language. His trainer was unaware that he was giving Clever Hans any indications.

Despite the fact that he does not solve math problems, he is a very clever and intuitive horse that responded to his handler’s accidental and minute gestures, which is astounding in and of itself.

There are numerous notable horses missing from this list, including General Lee’s horse Traveller, Queen Elizabeth II’s horse Burmese, and the incredible racehorse Man o’ War.

Each of these horses is a fascinating creature in its own right. Each horse on this list is well-known for a particular skill and exemplifies all the positive qualities of these animals.

Each horse on this list possesses extraordinary physical prowess, athleticism, intelligence, and beauty. Whether they race, are gorgeous, make you laugh, engage in combat, or represent intelligence, each of these horses has an incredible story.

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